Participating Artists
from Argentina, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru. USA and Mexico:

Ancona Solis, Valeria.
Ayamamani Luque, Miguel Angel
Blanco, Paula.
Bosoglanian, Graciela.
Cabiale, Nora.
Carbonell, Monica.
Fiora, Patricia.
Fules, Nancy.
Gutierrez, Dinorah.
Izaguirre, Graciela.
Koj, Ursula.
Lopez, Marcela.
Medina, Natalia.
Mendez, Luisa
Menduina, Alejandra
Montemurro, Carina.
Moretti, Mariana
Ortiz, Elisabeth.
Perretta, Constanza.
Rabunal, Lydia.
Redding, Lauren.
Rignola, Roxana.
Rubio Missett, Wanda.
Safar, Ana.
Silva Baudeyens, Adriana.
Teper, Silvia.
Toubes, Claudia.
Vazquez, Claudio.
Vega, Agustina.
Yentel, Miriam

3D Painting "Fenced In" by Cassandra Burgess
Photography courtesy of Menduina Schneider Art Gallery

Menduina Schneider
Art Gallery

"Specializing in Latin American Art"

366 West 7th  Street 

San Pedro, CA 90731


Alejandra Menduiña Schneider

Jorge Schneider


Art by Alejandra Mujeras-Schneider from Argentina 
"Siglios de Opresion" of Menduina Schneider Art Gallery is doing an exhibition of 30 artists from Latin America that is tied to our event for ending human trafficking.

Life-size murals by Frankie Bellizia
Three Saints - who were enslaved in their lifetime

Saint Nino of Georgia 296 – 340)

St. Nino was not originally from Georgia, her master had brought her there when he emigrated, she becomes enslaved after her move to Georgia.


She cured a dying child by placing her hair shirt on him and praying over him. News of this miracle reached the Queen of Georgia, who was suffering an unspecified but untreatable malady. She sent for Nino who replied, “I am a slave. My place is not in a palace.” The Queen went to Nino, who cured her by prayer. 

The royal family offered her any reward; she asked that they convert. The recently healed queen was willing, but King Mirian was not. However, soon after, while on a hunt, he found himself surrounded by wild animals. He made one of those well-known deals with God, offering to convert if he survived.  The animals left, and in 325 the king asked Constantine for priests and bishops to spread the faith throughout Georgia.  This good work begun, Nino retired to live as a prayerful recluse on a mountainside at Bodbe Monastery, Kakheti, Georgia.

Saint Bathildis (around 626 – January 680)

Queen and foundress. She was born in England, where she was enslaved and taken to Neustria, which was part of the Frankish kingdom. In time, Bathildis became a trusted member of King Clovis Il's court and married him in 649. She bore him three sons: Clotaire Ill, Childeric II, and Thierry Ill, all of whom became kings. When Clovis died in 657, Bathildis served as regent for Clotaire III. She had founded a Benedictine convent at Chelles, as well as St. Denis Monastery and Corbie. When Clotaire III assumed the throne, Bathildis retired to Chelles, where she died on January 30.

Saint Patrick (385–431) 

When Saint Patrick was about 16, he was captured by Irish pirates from his home in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland, looking after animals; he lived there for six years before escaping and returning to his family. After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland. In later life, he served as a bishop, but little is known about the places where he worked. By the seventh century, he had already come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland.

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