FRIDAY, MARCH 29th - Warner Grand Theatre



4:00 PM           Media Check-In

5:00 PM           Red Carpet

                          Doors open for seating

                          Registration, Vendor & Resource Tables


6:00 PM           Live Performance Xi & Omega StepTeam, plus 23 Seeds of Greatness

                          Adaawe Live Musical Performance


6:30 PM           Welcome & Opening Remarks by Patrick Erlandson (Event Director)     

                          Women of Worth Dance Company Performance


7:00 PM           Super Maarko: (PG) Short Film Presentation 

                          Opening Night Feature Film: Skin in the Game  (N/R) (Best Director Winner, PAFF: ADISA)


                          Panel and Q&A with filmmakers
                          Moderator: Stacy Jewell (Survivor Leader, Media Activist, Host of Jewell Survivor City Radio Podcast)                                Jayla Baxter (survivor, author, advisor to film)

                          Robert Clark (former FBI special agent)

                          Opal Singleton (Million Kids, author, podcast)



SATURDAY, MARCH 30th - Warner Grand Theatre


 10:00 AM       Red Carpet

                         Doors Open for seating

                         Registration, Vendor & Resource Tables


10:30 AM        Welcome & Opening Remarks

                         Live Performance

                         Emcee: Alan Smyth (Saving Innocence) 


11:00 AM        Short-Form Program

                         Surviving International Boulevard (PG)

                         Hidden Gem (PG)

                         Modern Slave (R)

                         Debris (Escombros) (N/R, 13 yrs and older)

                         Panel and Q&A with Experts and Filmmakers


 1:00 PM         Student & Foster Youth Created Films

                         Emcee: Ken Henry (CEO Tiktok services, Compton Human Trafficking Task Force)

                         Saving Da'Lenzi (PG) (Kids in the Spotlight, Inc.)

                         Trapped Within  (PG) (Kids in the Spotlight, Inc.)

                         Teens of the Tobacco Fields (PG)

                         Freedom Ambassador Documentary (Freedom Ride Project) (PG)

                         The Untold Truth (PG)

                         Stranger with Kind Smiles (Boys & Girls Club of the LA Harbor) (PG) PSA

                         Panel and Q&A with Experts and Filmmakers

2:30 PM          Short Film Presentation: Zurcaroh: The Refuge (PG) (America's Got Talent 2018 finalists)

                         Feature Film Presentation: Unbridled (PG13) (Director: John David Ware, Featuring Eric Roberts)

                         Panel and Q&A with Experts and Filmmakers


SATURDAY, MARCH 30th - Warner Grand Theatre

4:00 PM          Media Check-In

5:00 PM          Red Carpet

5:30 PM          Doors Open for seating

                         Registration, Vendor & Resource Tables

6:00 PM          Live Performance by Sandra Macat Band            

6:30 PM          Live Performance

                         Welcome & Live Act by Marti MacGibbon (Standup Comic, Author, Survivor & Advocate)


7:00 PM          Short Film Presentation: Unseen Dances
                         North American Premiere: Love Sonia (N/R explicit material)

                            Director: Tabrez Noorani, Produced by David Womark (Life of Pi), Featuring Freida Pinto, with Demi Moore)

                         Panel and Q&A with Experts and Filmmakers


9:30 PM          Acknowledgements & Closing Remarks


SATURDAY, March 30th - Grand Vision Annex


10:00 AM       Doors Open

                        Fair Trade Vendors & Resource Tables



11:00 AM       Kids Program - FREE

                        Netsmartz Animated Videos

                        Cyber / Internet Safety

                        LAPD Officers Nua & Bravo        

                        Telling your story - with Kids in the Stoplight, Inc.


1:00 PM         Fair Trade Films

                        Fair Trade: The Human Face of Seafood Sustainability

                        The Dark Side of Chocolate


4:00 PM         Close Annex Program


Super Maarko

A 7-year-old Filipino boy, who idolizes Superman, is determined to protect his little sister from the injustice that surrounds them. But he soon realizes it’s not as easy as he thinks. 

Running time: 5mins

Film Rating: PG  

Directors: TwinTaoers

Producers: International Justice Mission & TwinTaoers

Skin in the Game

Abducted off the sidewalk of suburban America, fifteen-year-old Dani (Sammi Hanratty) finds herself submerged in the horrific underground world of human trafficking. With no initial assistance from the police, Dani's mother (Elisabeth Harnois) and an ex-prostitute (Erica Ash) take to the streets in an effort to find her before it is too late.


Rating: Currently N/R (Not Rated), Explicit Material

Running Time: 90 mins

Director: Adisa

Producer: Howard Barish

Names of Principal Cast: Erica Ash, Elizabeth Harnois, Angelica Celaya, Sammi Hanratty 


Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem is two different stories inspired by actual events. One is of timid travelers who stop at a gas station/convenience store and are confronted with the reality of sex trafficking. They must decide quickly the best way to help save someone who does not appear to desire freedom – or does she? The second is of a girl who falls for a handsome guy she met at a party who lavishes her with attention and fancy gifts. She is smitten and living the dream, but what happens next will become her worst nightmare.

Running Time: 12:44

Rating: PG

Director: Abigail Louise Jones 

Producers: Barbara Fowler, Jeff Davis, and Stephen Preston. Presented by Red Sky Studios & Fowler Davis Entertainment


Principle Cast: Allahna-nan Buki Kafano, Nicole Lamb, Tim Casper, Virginia Newcomb




Sixteen-year-old Sarah (Tea McKay) is abused in her suburban home by her mother’s boyfriend Roger (Eric Roberts – The Dark Knight), a powerful crime syndicate boss. Sarah’s mother Karen (Dey Young – Pretty Woman) looks the other way.  Roger toys with police Detective Sangrin (T.C. Stallings –War Room), who is desperate to find his own missing daughter. Sarah escapes from Roger with help from some friends; including a boy she likes named Kenny (David Topp – Beverly Hills Canine Country Club). They guide her to The Academy, a safe place where she meets a Dreamer, a mysterious horse, whose harrowing journey parallels her own. Sarah meets a closed group of young girls, who make her prove herself before being accepted. At her lowest point, Sarah's only safe relationship is with the horse. She begins the healing process, until Roger is freed from jail. Her life hangs in the balance as he hunts her down to re-join his dark empire. Sarah has one remote chance at redemption, but her strength is greater than anyone thought. “UNBRIDLED” is inspired by a North Carolina Equine Assisted Psychotherapy program called Corral.


Running Time: 2 hours  

Rating: PG-13, suitable for pre-teens

Director: John David Ware

Producers: Christy McGlothin & Gerald McGlothin

Principle Cast: Eric Roberts, T.C. Stallings, Tea McKay, Dey Young, Jenn Gotzon, Rachel Hendrix and David Topp


Love Sonia


From the Academy Award-nominated producer of Life of Pi (2012), David Womark, and director Tabrez Noorani, this is Love Sonia. Inspired by true events, Love Sonia is the story of a courageous young Indian village girl, Sonia, whose life is irrevocably changed when she gets entrapped in the dark world of global sex trade whilst trying to save her sister. Struggling to free herself from the clutches of the small-time pimps who first imprison her, Sonia has no idea that they are merely the foot soldiers of a ruthless army that grows increasingly larger and more powerful as it spreads its tentacles around the world. As she realizes the enormity of what she is up against and the chilling fate that awaits her, Sonia envisions a fragile dream that is worth living and fighting for. Battling a menacing and omnipresent enemy with growing resolve and strength she didn’t realize she had, Sonia fights back. This is a story of hope and courage. Her story is unforgettable. Her journey is extraordinary. To know her is to Love Sonia.


Running Time: 2 hours

Rating: Currently N/R (Not Rated), Explicit Material

Director: Tabrez Noorani

Producers: David Womark and Tabrez Noorani

Principal Cast: Freida Pinto, Richa Chadha, Demi Moore, Mark Duplass, Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkummar Rao, Riya Sisodiya, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, Sai Tamhankar, Sunny Pawar and introducing Mrunal Thakur as Sonia.

Modern Slave


A teenage girl coerced into sex-trafficking must escape the emotional cage her "Romeo Pimp" has trapped her in before she loses what little hope remains to live and dream.

Running Time: 15 mins

Rating: R

Director: Spencer Currie

Producers: Dan Sima

Principal Cast: Mair Flores and Tyler Antoine Gordon


Surviving International Boulevard


SURVIVING INTERNATIONAL BOULEVARD reveals the complex reality of domestic child sex trafficking through the experiences of two women from Oakland, California.  Driving along International Boulevard’s dark streets, a mother recounts her own wild determination to rescue her 15-year-old daughter from a sex trafficker “boyfriend.”  Night after night, combing the dangerous streets of East Oakland, she never gives up on her child. Switching to daylight, a nonprofit advocate and survivor shares her extensive experience helping young victims get the help they so desperately need.  Driving along The Blade as they call it, Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, co-founder of and founder of, unveils her personal story while breaking down the raw truth about victims and traffickers as it unfolds on the street around her.

Running Time: 23 mins

Rating: PG

Director: Sian Taylor Gowan

Producer: Sian Taylor Gowan

Principal Cast: Sarai T. Smith-Mazariegos and Regina Evans


Debris (Escombros)


Caught in the gears of a US immigration detention center, twelve-year-old Ana finds that seeking safety will cost more than she bargained for.


Running Time: 15 mins

Rating: N/R, advises 13 years and older

Director: Mary-Lyn Chambers

Producer: Katherine Borda, Codie Elaine Oliver and Stephen Love Jr.

Principle Cast: Sabella Luna, Martin Simone, Kate Nichols and Jaime Alvarez


Saving Da'Lenzi


Da' Lenzi is kidnapped into human trafficking and needs to get out. A tragic look into the world of human trafficking. Da' Lenzi needs our help.

Running Time: 8mins
Rating: PG 

Director: Aundré Johnson

Executive Producers: Kids In The Spotlight, Inc.


Trapped Within


After being kidnapped by her mother’s pimp, a foster teen is reunited with the mother she never met. 

Running Time: 10mins
Rating: PG 

Director: Mo McRae

Executive Producers: Kids In The Spotlight, Inc.


Teens of the Tobacco Fields


The United States government and tobacco companies are failing to protect teenage children from hazardous work in tobacco farming. A 57-page report, “Teens of the Tobacco Fields: Child Labor in United States Tobacco Farming,” documents the harm caused to 16- and 17-year-olds who work long hours as hired laborers on US tobacco farms, exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides, and extreme heat. Nearly all of the teenagers interviewed suffered symptoms consistent with acute nicotine poisoning, nausea, vomiting, headaches, or dizziness while working on tobacco farms.

Running Time: 8mins

Producers: Human Rights Watch: Alison Amron & Elena Testi, Jia Chen 


The Untold Truth


The Untold Truth film is a student project, written and directed by Valley High School students of Santa Ana, CA, as part of the Freedom Ambassador Program. The film tells the story of a girl who is lured into sex trafficking by her boyfriend. The film aims to offer hope and help to youth who are at risk of or being trafficked. 

Running Time: 5mins

Rating: PG

Director: Austin Thompson

Producers: Ruthi Hanchett, Ash Narayan, Sarah M. Boyd

Executive Producers: Elisabeth Gegner & Ruthi Hanchett 

Written by Students: Esmeralda Roma & Brianna Lopez 

Principal Cast: Brianna Lopez, Rose Aguilera, Giancarlo Maurici, Luis Martinez 


The Refuge

In addition to the beautiful performances at the Americas Got Talent 2018 and having received the golden buzzer, this wonderful group also made a very magical and inspiring short film called The Refuge. 

Director: Peterson da Cruz 


Freedom Ambassador 

Freedom Ride Project (PG) Documentary

The Freedom Ambassador Program targets those closest to the crime of sex trafficking: youth and families who are in communities at the highest risk of both sex and labor trafficking, such as Valley High School in Santa Ana, CA, the site of the first official program. The Freedom Ambassador Documentary shows how the program lifts up the youth leaders – aka – AMBASSADORS – who transform their communities, boots on the ground, at their school, in their neighborhoods and through social media    


Stranger with Kind Smiles 

Boys & Girls Club of the LA Harbor (PG) PSA

A short documentary created by students at the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor featuring interviews with survivor Tika Thornton and activist Diana Fletcher - Running Time: 3 mins    


Unseen Dances

Unseen Dances is a collaboration between The Hidden Tears Project and the Red Sand Project. Where 6-8 dancers are filmed dancing in red sand to illuminate human trafficking in America. The Hidden Tears Project is a media company created to spark mainstream awareness and action to end the trafficking and sexual exploitation of American Children. Red Sand Project is Molly Gochman’s participatory artwork that raises awareness about vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation. 

Running Time: 2mins Directors & Producers: Jordan Marinov & Jason Gurvitz

Fair Trade:

The Human Face of Seafood Sustainability

Fair Trade USA enables sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, fishermen, consumers, industry, and the earth. We achieve our mission by certifying and promoting Fair Trade products. 2019 is a year of celebration as Fair Trade Seafood marks its fifth anniversary as the newest program at Fair Trade USA. This short film shows how Fair Trade USA impacts the lives of fishermen, fish farmers and workers and showcases new voices and fresh perspectives on Fair Trade USA’s work in fishing communities across Indonesia, Alaska and Mexico. 

Running Time: 10mins Producer: Fair Trade USA 


The Dark Side of Chocolate

A Team of journalist investigate how human trafficking and child labor in the Ivory Coast fuels the worldwide chocolate industry. The crew interview both proponents and opponents of these alleged practices, and use hidden camera techniques to delve into the gritty world of cocoa plantations. 

Running Time: 46mins
Directors: Miki Mistrati & U. Roberto Romano 




ADAAWE are seven scintillating women, creating an international fusion of African music, R&B/pop vocals, jazz-funk, Latin and Reggae, steeped in Gospel harmonies. It’s said that Adaawe’s musical “kaleidoscope” offers a “high-octane” sensation of “pure joy” ! Adaawe comprises gospel choir direction, modern dance choreography, actors and arts educators, in addition to showcasing with an extensive variety of world-class artists. Based in Los Angeles, CA., these well-skilled musicians originate from Kenya, Morocco, Israel, Panama and across the United States. Today, intercultural understanding and delight in diversity is more exciting than ever.

Adaawe’s exhilarating djembe drumming, inevitably, brings audiences to their feet! Their educational school shows captivate the next generation with fun and excitement, offering you “Performance Art” at its best. Experience ADAAWE as a healing force propelled by the language of the drum. In the Adaawe tradition of Ghana, West Africa, women gather in the moonlight to create music and songs about life’s joys and sorrows. This spirit of celebration and strength is the fire igniting Adaawe. Adaawe’s captivating performance is a manifestation of the power of authentic sound to elevate and inspire audiences everywhere, across all boundaries of age and demographics.


Women of Worth (WOW) Dance Company, founded by Susan Silvestri, uses dance to express God's heart of justice and value. Susan is an award winning choreographer, dancer, actor, writer and producer.  She is a longtime member of SAG-AFTRA and has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.  Recently she's written a book, wHolyFit, wHoly Free, which she uses as a tool to speak to women about wholeness. She combines the arts in her Women of Worth creative seminars to activate women in developing a healthy self-image. 


Women of Worth works with sex-trafficked victims to restore value. Wow dance company recently performed at Freedom Has a Name to bring awareness of human trafficking. For more information go to

Marti MacGibbon, CADC-II, ACRPS, CAPMS, is a noted motivational speaker and humorist, a certified addiction treatment professional, and author of two nationally award-winning and critically acclaimed memoirs, Never Give in to Fear: Laughing All the Way Up from Rock Bottom, and Fierce, Funny, and Female. Marti is an internationally known author and an expert on trauma resolution and addiction. She holds five professional certifications in her specialized field, including the ACRPS, (Advanced Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist, and the CAPMS (Certified Addiction-Free Pain Management Specialist).
Few speakers have a personal comeback story as riveting and inspirational as Marti’s. She has recovered from and triumphed over nightmare experiences such as being trafficked to Tokyo and held prisoner by Japanese organized crime, homelessness, domestic violence, severe PTSD and hard-core drug addiction. Marti employed simple, effective strategies to transform her life, and shares them to motivate, encourage, and energize audiences.

Kids Programs

Saturday, March 30th, 11 AM to 1 PM - Grand Vision Annex

L.A.P.D. Officers Nua and Bravo  

Empowering children in grades K-5 to make safer choices online! Ready for some fun learning on how to be safer on the internet?


Students will learn what it means to keep their personal information private online, what to do if they encounter someone who asks for their personal information, how to handle a cyberbully, what to do if they see something online that makes them feel uncomfortable and how to become responsible digital citizens

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains foster youth to tell their stories, their way through film culminating in an annual Movies by Kids event. Their mission is to enrich the lives of underserved youth within the foster care system and other underserved youth through the art of filmmaking. Their participants create, write, cast & star in their own short films that culminates in an annual film festival competition where we present "Movies by Kids, for Kids"!

See It - End It Film & Arts Festival
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